Amazon doesn’t need your money this Christmas.

Last Monday, November’s Enlighten Me Mini episode came out and I talked about one of my personal favorites – thrifting! I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t think they’re very good at thrifting, as if I have some ability that they don’t. Let me tell you – that’s the furthest from the truth!! Thrifting like a bossss takes a little practice (and a lot of patience) but anyone (I said anyone!) can do it!!

On this episode of the podcast I listed my top 12 thrifting tips. I thought now was the perfect time to share this because I’m hoping a lot of you will consider thrifting this holiday season for some items on your gift lists!!

I keep hearing these frightening stats that something like 80% of people already have all their holiday shopping done… I have many questions:

For one, how does one get so organized and ahead of things?

For two, please tell me you didn’t get everything off of Amazon, did you??

According the the BBC, the worlds wealthiest billionaires, including Jeff Bezos, have seen their wealth climb upwards of 30% during the pandemic to over 10 TRILLION dollars (yep, trillion) all while small businesses and families around the globe struggle to make ends meet.

And on top of that, neither Jeff Bezos or the Amazon corporation are known for their charitable efforts. According to Business Insider in regard to the Giving Pledge, “among the five richest people in America, Jeff Bezos — who has a net worth of more than $117 billion — is the only one who hasn’t signed on to the philanthropic commitment.” Participants of this effort pledge to give at least half of their wealth away throughout their lifetimes. Apparently Mr. Bezos needs all those billions, though.

All that being said, Amazon does not need our support this holiday! But you know who does? Small businesses. And hey, that can include your local thrift store!

So take a look at your gift list this season – what can you buy secondhand? What can you buy from local businesses? What can you buy from small shops around the world? What can you buy from companies that give back? What can you buy from BIPOC-owned and female-owned shops?

There are SO many better choices out there than supporting Amazon. And yes, I know, they don’t offer 2-day shipping. But you know what they do offer? Carbon neutral shipping, plastic-free shipping, shipping as fast as they possibly can because they want to make sure their customers are so, so happy with their purchase!

When you buy from a small business, that shop owner does a little jig because they just made a sale. No one at Amazon or other corporations does a little jig.

Make someone do a little jig this year.

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