Episode 64: Responsible Travel – Part 1

“Leave a place better than you found it.” That was always the golden rule when I went to Girl Scout camp as a little kid, but I haven’t thought about the concept much since then. But, have you ever considered the responsibility we have as travelers to other cities, states, and countries? The idea of traveling responsibly is much bigger than picking up your trash wherever you go (though, you should do that, too). Today on the show, travel blogger and podcaster Erin Hynes is sharing what responsible tourism really looks like.

Erin is a Canadian gal but started traveling the world at a young age. It was these experiences with other cultures that led her to recognize some ways she could be a little more mindful while traveling. Her blog and podcast are dedicated to exploring topics like these more – she is particularly passionate about discussing sustainability and diversity and how they connect with travel. 

As someone who loves to travel myself (and someone who is bored of being at home), I was stoked to get to learn from Erin and dream of someday hopping on a plane and heading overseas again! In this episode Erin is giving us 10 ways that we can be more responsible tourists and, let me tell you, these will change the way you view travel for good! In Part 1, we’re chatting about ways that we can be mindful of other cultures we encounter and how tourism affects local people groups. In Part 2 that will be available next week, Erin and I are focusing more on the environmental impact of travel. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show so you don’t miss it!

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