Episode 20: Fast Fashion – Part 2

Episode 14: Enlighten Me on the Problem with Fast Fashion with Gabi Goddard – Part 2

The wait is over! Part 2 of my conversation with Aussie babe Gabi Goddard is HERE!!! During this interview with Gabi, I kept saying, “I’m sorry I’m keeping you so long!” but then we just kept talking. SO MUCH FUN! If this gal wasn’t across oceans from me, I’d be asking her to hang out all the time. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way after listening to her speak. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, do yourself a favor and go listen to that first! You’ll find us hilarious either way I’m pretty sure, but you’ll follow along much easier if you listen in the correct order.

Part 1 was mostly devoted to Gabi explaining what fast fashion is and why it is such an issue. In part 2, we’re focusing on how we can be a part of the solution! Gabi shares a lot of great (and easy peasy) tips for being a more ethical consumer – shopping secondhand, finding out what brands are ethical and what ones are not, rewearing your wardrobe and getting out of consumeristic cycles, so on and so forth. Gabi is honest about her struggles when it comes to wanting to buy, buy, buy, and I can compleeeeetely relate. Becoming a conscious consumer is a process, but there are so many tools to help you do it! I’m particularly excited about the app that Gabi recommends – link for that is below!

Once again, Gabi has so many good thoughts to share. This was also probably the longest amount of time I’ve spent in an interview chatting about products that we’re loving. I could’ve cut some of it out to make this episode shorter, but I chose not to and you’ll hear why. If nothing else, make sure you follow Gabi on the ‘gram after listening to this convo – her style and her words will influence you like they have me. Let’s put an end this armor of willful ignorance we’ve been trying to protect ourselves with and start making an impact for the better through our fashion choices!

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Agathos Athleisure

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Baptist World Aid:

Labour Behind the Label:

Six Items Challenge:

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