Episode 43: Sustainable Men’s Fashion – Part 2

If you think you’re too small to make a difference in the world of fast fashion, think again. As Garik points out, have you ever spent the night with a mosquito? There’s no such thing as too small of an impact! In Part 2 of the conversation, Garik and I are discussing how he operates his business, Eco-Stylist, how they deem if brands are ethical and sustainable, and how to watch out for the all-too-common practice of greenwashing!

Garik explains that Eco-Stylist uses high standards to measure how ethical and sustainable brands are. Unfortunately, not all brands are transparent with their manufacturing processes so this isn’t always an easy task. Much of the media attempts to compile lists of sustainable brands themselves, but did you know that brands can pay to be associated with terms like “sustainable” even if they’re not? Yeah, I’m talking about you, Everlane and H&M! Have no fear – Garik has done the research for us and has lists of brands and even curated collections of items that we can truly trust. Today on the show, Garik also gives tons of recommendations of websites, books, podcasts, and even movies that we can watch to learn more about these things. One of my favorites is his own blog where he deconstructs some of the myths behind ethical fashion.

My favorite takeaway from the show today is the call to action that Garik leaves us with to make a difference. We are the change we want to see, and these changes start with us. We can’t wait for our institutions to make rules about fast fashion – we have to be the one’s to start this process! And the best news is that we already have started to have an impact. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Links from the show:
Eco-Stylist Website:
“River Blue” documentary:
“The True Cost” documentary:
Eco-Stylist Brand Page:
Remake Brand Page:
Eco-Stylist Curated Selection:
Eco-Stylist Personal Styling:
Everlane article:
“Wardrobe Crisis” by Clare Press:
Wardrobe Crisis Podcast:
Conscious Chatter Podcast:
The Sustainable Fashion Forum:
“We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families” by Philip Gourevitch:
“Buy the Change You Want to See” by Jane Mosbacher Morris:
“The War on Normal People” by Andrew Yang:
“Monos” movie:
ISTO flannel shirt:

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