Episode 82: Sustainable-ish Living – Part 2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – none of us is too small to make a difference in this world. Haley is back again this week to remind us of just that! In her own life, Haley has embraced living in what she calls “the messy middle.” We might not be able to do sustainability or ethical shopping perfectly all the time, but it’s about making the little changes that we can and embracing the collective impact we have. This is true in her socially conscious fashion brand, Atonement Design, and even in her day-to-day lifestyle.

In Part 1 last week, Haley shared all about her brand and the amazing products she sells, and also how she started her small business to help fight slavery. I love brands like hers that curate the best products that we can buy with confidence without having to do the background research on them ourselves! This week, we’re focusing on her favorite tips on how we can create sustainable AND achievable habits in our every day lives.

We’re also getting into some of the nitty gritty details of Haley’s personal life today. Haley, like me, describes herself as someone who struggles with having a filter. While some people might see this as a bad thing, Haley embraces it about herself and uses the platform she has to talk about things (on top of slavery and sustainability) that truly matter. She gets personal in this episode and shares a little bit about her faith, her family, and even her journey with fertility. I appreciate Haley’s vulnerability in all of these areas and the ways that she is empowering women, men, and consumers of all kinds that they’re not alone!

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