Chews Happiness Dog Treats

Chews Happiness is on a mission to improve the health of our planet and spread happiness to their customers, their dogs, our global neighbors, and their animals.

They offer a unique curated selection of healthy treats, high-quality toys, and unique apparel for pets & their people. All of their creations are eco-friendly and come in plastic-free packaging.
Chews Happiness dog treats and apparel are handmade, small batch, and sustainably sourced. Each ingredient and raw material is cruelty and GMO-free.

Even better, the brand engages in projects that support indigenous peoples and artists, helping to maintain traditional lifestyles and local cultures. Chews Happiness goes well out of their way to practice sustainability. Not only do they offset the carbon they do generate, but they also donate 1% of revenue to an amazing animal rescue in Bhutan.

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