Episode 44: Beginning Yoga

Are you interested in trying yoga but don’t know where to start? Intimidated by all the flexible people around you in your yoga class? Or maybe you’re an experienced yogi who’s looking to learn more. No matter where you’re at in your practice, this conversation is for you! Join with me to welcome Ahlia to the show, a former professional athlete, a yoga teacher and expert, and a woman who’s passionate about saving our oceans!

When I first came across Ahlia on Instagram I just knew that we had to connect. We have so much in common between our passions for the environment and personal wellness and also our love of yoga. That’s what we’re discussing Part 1 today. Part 2 will release next week and in that episode we’ll shift gears to discuss Ahlia’s former athletic career and how that led to her interest in ocean conservation. But today, it’s all about yoga! We are taking the time to dispel some common myths that surround the practice. For instance, don’t you have to be flexible to do yoga?! Or, can you be a Christian and still be a yogi? We answer these and several other questions that often come up about the practice. I learned so much from Ahlia and I know you will too!

Our hope after today’s conversation is that you take a chance and try a yoga class if you haven’t ever done so before! And as you’ll hear us say, you gotta try it more than once before you decide what you think! We also hope that you’ll tune back in for Part 2 next week and check out Ahlia’s podcast as well. Check out the links below for that info!

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