Episode 16: Intuitive Living

Episode 16: Enlighten Me on Intuitive Living with Lily Ross

“I would never change the way it all happened.” That’s what Lily has to say about the battles with health that she has faced in her short lifetime. Even though it’s been tough, her journey has led her to this point. From being a normal, American teenager with a typical teenage diet, to long hospital stays and invasive surgeries, to now influencing thousands of people with her clean eating and intuitive living lifestyle, Lily Ross has lived a lot of life and has a lot to say about it!

Lily is a student at Oakland University currently studying integrative medicine. She is particularly interested in how food can be used to heal the body, since that’s what it has done for her! Lily was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when she was in high school. She started out treating the disease with typical medications prescribed to her by her physician, but after suffering through some extreme side effects brought on by the meds and a long hospital stint, she decided to take a closer look at holistic medicine.

Despite what her regular physician said, Lily started a balanced diet of purely whole foods that ultimately brought a lot of healing to her damaged digestive system. Now, she’s on a mission to educate others on this lifestyle of hers! In this episode, we won’t be talking about any of the fad diets or cleanses. Lily doesn’t subscribe to any of those labels except for saying that she lives an 80/20 lifestyle. Lily explains exactly what this looks like for her and how she firmly believes in feeding your body what it needs, no matter the calorie count.

This conversation also focuses on exercise and fitness. Lily used to be the type of girl that was constantly in the gym, checking her weight on the scale and worrying about how she looked in the mirror. Another part of this journey for her has been recognizing that her health, both mental and physical, is so much more important than the way she looks. Lily talks about her experience with yoga and how, though it can be intimidating for beginners, there is a place for everyone! What she shares about her times in yoga class and her year of growth with the practice will make you want to join the yoga movement. I am joining, too, by attending local classes once a week for a year – all thanks to Lily!

Lily will make you a believer. A clean lifestyle and healthy diet is more possible than you probably think. Let her inspire you in this episode, and make sure you follow her on all the socials for added encouragement!

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