Episode 26: The Adventure Project

One billion. That’s the number of people still living in extreme poverty. But give them 10 years, and The Adventure Project will make that number dwindle. In this episode, Becky Straw, co-founder and president of TAP, is telling us about the amazing organization she started and how they are fighting poverty in countries across the globe.

A few years ago I was looking for some meaningful Christmas gifts I could give my family that we’re ethically made and had some kind of a positive impact on the world through my purchase. In my search I came across the charcoal soap that TAP makes. I didn’t know much about the organization, but from some brief research I knew I could vibe with it. A few years and several bars of soap later and here we are! I was ecstatic to connect with Becky and learn more about TAP, and I was not disappointed. Becky and I bonded over being moms to littles, our faith, watching The Bachelorette, and most of all our love for people and the planet.

TAP takes a unique, four-pronged approach to addressing poverty. The focus is entirely on creating jobs in developing countries to empower locals and boost economies. These jobs include training healthcare workers, farmers, well mechanics, and sales people. While all of these are vital to helping the community thrive, my favorite is the training of women to sell charcoal-efficient stoves and run their own small businesses. I was shocked to learn about the horrible impacts that cooking over open fires has on so many women and children’s health as well as the health of our earth. The charcoal-efficient stoves are cost-effective solutions to eliminate carbon emissions from the air and protect women’s health.

It’s solutions like these that set TAP apart. Hearing about Becky’s boldness to start this organization and the amazing ways that God has provided for her to keep going is unreal. You will be compelled by her stories to want to be a part of something bigger. Becky expresses that whatever it is – donating, buying charcoal soap, or simply joining their email list – that you have the power to make a difference right where you’re at. Listen in and figure out how you can impact the lives of people who are just like us with a little less privilege.

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