Episode 41: Sun Protection – Part 2

Welcome back to the show! Today, we are continuing the very important topic of sun protection, AKA – SPF. In Part 1 of this conversation, Priya and I talked about what SPF is and why it matters. Though Priya likes to preface that she is not a scientist, she has done a lot of research on this topic for her blog (@hair_and_skin_diaries) so she is pretty knowledgeable on it. For Part 2, we’re continuing the SPF discussion and answering a few more important questions.

After listening to Part 1, you know that you need sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yep, even on those cloudy and cold winter days! Whenever there’s light outside, we gotta protect our skin. Now that we know, how do we pick out a good ‘screen? That’s what Priya and I are chatting about today. We talk about the different types of sunscreen out there, what ingredients to look for (and look out for), and some of our own favorite brands! Even though summer is already her for many of us, it’s never too late to stock up on some good SPF. Especially since now we know we need it year-round! Use what you have first, and then step up your SPF game with some of our recommendations.

Another thing Priya and I discuss today is the importance of doing your own research. Of course, you can trust the advice we give, but a lot of the decisions around all kinds of purchases (not just sunscreen) depend on each individual consumer and their needs. For instance, Priya uses synthetic sunscreen whereas I prefer a mineral-based product. You’ll hear why in this episode we each feel like we need a different type of sunscreen, and it’s important for you to consider the needs of yourself and your family in your purchases. I think after listening today, you’ll feel equipped to do that research and make an informed decision. Whatever you do, make sure you are layering up every day!

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