Episode 37: Recast – 5 Things I’ve Learned about Racism

In light of what is taking place in the world right now, I’ve decided to postpone my regular episode schedule in order to take focus on more pressing matters. I will get back to my new episodes soon, but for now I wanted to encourage listeners to revisit Episode 4 where I chatted with my good friend, Janell, about 5 things she’s learned about racism. Janell and I are both white women who aren’t qualified to dive deep into these matters, however we also both recognize that more white people need to be talking about these things. Our hope is that people who look like us can learn from us and open up their minds to a perspective they may have never considered. As Latasha Morrison, someone I greatly admire, says: listen, learn, lament, leverage. You can view the original show notes on this page:


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