Episode 8: Green Cleaning

Episode 8: Enlighten Me on Green Cleaning with Diana Stewart

Have you ever heard the term “green cleaning” and wondered what the heck people meant? Are they talking about that type of Windex that comes in the green color? Or maybe the bright green bottle of Mr. Clean? Quite the opposite, actually. In this episode, the president of an OG green cleaning company, Diana Stewart, shares with us what “green cleaning” really is. Diana addresses some common myths about environmentally friendly cleaning and is going to rock your world.

Diana is a pretty busy lady. She’s a wife, she’s a mom of twins, she’s a daughter with a lot of responsibilities, but she is also killing it as the president of EnvirOx. EnvirOx was started over 20 years ago by none other than Diana’s own father. Diana did not necessarily expect to find herself as the second president of the company, but she has enjoyed the journey and learned a lot along the way. To start off our conversation, Diana and I talk about feminism in the work place and what it’s like to be a strong female in a position of power while overseeing a diverse group of employees, including many men. Diana talks about both the joys and the struggles of this, but is also very vulnerable about her own biases and ways that she is learning to be a leader that is conscious of diversity and existing disparities.

After getting back on track, Diana and I talk all things green cleaning! Why does green cleaning matter? Well, there’s the health of our planet, but there’s also the health of our own bodies! Diana explains why it’s important to be aware of the toxicity of many household cleaners and how they can so very negatively impact our lives. The company that Diana runs is actually targeted towards industrial cleaning in places like schools, hospitals, and large offices. While this might sound irrelevant to many, it’s so interesting to hear why these settings can be even more important to address than in our own households. Have you thought about the settings that you, your children, your friends and other loved ones spend the bulk of their days in? For most of us, that’s in a classroom or office space where the windows are shut tight and the abrasive cleaners are stifling in the air! Yuck! However, you should have no fear. Not only does EnvirOx offer an amazing alternative, but Diana also teaches us how we can have a voice in seeing these things change.

Finally, Diana addresses an often overlooked aspect of sustainability – the disadvantaged people groups who are left behind. Typically when we talk about things like green cleaning, they are first being marketed to the privileged people groups in our world. Not only that, but a large amount of those who are employed in cleaning industries and are dealing with the harsh chemical cleaners every day are representing minority groups. As a result, minority groups are often not given the same opportunities at sustainable living as those with more privilege are, and so we can see the cycles of poverty continue ‘round and ‘round.

Green cleaning is an excellent first step in prioritizing your own health, prioritizing the health of the planet, and prioritizing those around us who have less of a voice! Make sure you listen in on this conversation, because Diana will INSPIRE and TEACH you how to make all those things real priorities.


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