The Enlighten Me Podcast – Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Soundcloud!

Enlighten Me – that is the cry of my heart! I love learning, but not in the textbook, highlighter, falling asleep at your desk kind of way. I like learning in ways that are FUN(ny) and REAL, ways that I can actually apply to every day life. That’s the motivation behind this interview-style podcast, where I connect with coooool people who can teach us all something about topics that matter in this world.

Enlighten Me Podcast firs aired in April of 2018. Episodes release on the last Thursday of every month and cover a broad range of topics. Because the topics covered are so broadly ranged, I pinky promise there is something for everyone! My hope is that by tuning in, you will laugh, and you will learn. So, follow me on Instagram or Facebook and make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast on one of the platforms mentioned above. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Think you’d be a good fit for an interview on Enlighten Me or know someone who would? Well, I already told you I like to learn, so tell me about it! Message me through email or connect with my on Insta to let me know. Here’s to you, friend, and what you have to teach me!

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