Episode 6: Save the Bees

Episode 6: Enlighten Me on Saving the Bees with Kelly from T’s for Bees

You ready? For the sixth episode I interviewed my new friend Kelly, who just over a year ago started the company T’s for Bees. Shortly after graduating college as a mechanical engineer, Kelly quickly got burnt out in the corporate world. And decided to pursue her passion for all things nature by starting her business that is dedicated to saving the declining bee population. The best part is that, through her company, we get to help save the bees by purchasing her super cute tees that she designs herself. In this conversation, Kelly educates us on why the bees need our help and how we can make a difference.

When Kelly left her corporate job, she fully took advantage of owning her own business and decided to become a wanderer. She currently lives in Calgary, but she has lived in many places throughout Canada, America, and even eastern Asia. Being a nomad has helped Kelly to grow in her deep appreciation of mother earth as well as the ever-growing, global issue of endangered bees. Kelly describes how her company, T’s for Bees, is making a difference and just how exactly her company works. She even describes how you (yes, you!) can become an ambassador for T’s for Bees and make a huge impact.

The bulk of this episode centers around what is happening to the bees and why. Although there isn’t one specific reason for the population of bees decreasing, it is known that us humans are a contributing factor! One of the major guilty parties is the agricultural industry, specifically with mass farming, which Kelly explains in simple terms for those of us who know nothing about this world. Kelly explains why this is the case and how we can change our ways to make sure this isn’t the case for any longer. There is hope, and it’s so practical and easy! Kelly shares six simple ways (plus the two that I add on) that we can help outside of financial contributions. You will be amazed at how easy these options are! In case you missed them, here are all the ways that you can help to save the bees:

  1. Donate to bee-friendly organizations like Bee City
  2. Buy a cute T’s for Bees shirt
  3. Don’t weed your garden
  4. Don’t use pesticides on your lawn/garden
  5. Plant bee-friendly/local plants and flowers
  6. Buy local, organic honey
  7. Leave water out for bees
  8. Stay educated
  9. Eat local, organic produce
  10. Write your local representatives

For more information on these, listen to the episode with Kelly or view my “Unofficial Resource Kit” below.

Like I said, there are SO many easy ways that we can help our little bee friends. Whether or not you have thought of bees as your friends before, Kelly will explain why we need them in our lives and how huge of an impact these little guys have. I’m confident that Kelly will win your heart over and you will absolutely want to be friends with her afterwards! If nothing else, you’re going to want to see her gorgeous Instagram feed. It has all. the. vibes. Kelly’s business has grown exponentially over the past year and she now has over 33,000 followers! Check it out and you’ll see why. Not only will you be aesthetically pleased, but you’re gonna be educated and stay awakened to important concerns in our world. So listen in, check it out, and think about how you can make a difference. Trust me – helping to save the bees will be so worth it and it’s something that’s going to be sooo easy for you to do. Kelly and I would love to hear how you’re making a difference!



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