Episode 29: Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? No? Me neither! But that’s okay, because we have a whoooole list of awesome Christmas ideas ready for you! For this very special edition of The Enlighten Me Podcast, Rosalie Roberts of World Changer Co. and I developed an “ethical shopping gift guide” to share with you all! Rosalie’s business is dedicated to helping people find ethical places to shop to suit all their needs, so I knew she was the perfect person to help me with this episode!

If you’ve listened to the show for some time now, you’ve definitely heard me talk about ethical shopping before. What is ethical shopping exactly? Well, that’s what we’ll explain today. To start, some of the most ethical things you can do for gifts are to give experiences over things, buy secondhand first, and even try your hand at DIY! When you do need to buy new, though, looking for ethical companies to buy from can make such a difference. To be considered “ethical,” Rosalie and I were looking at who runs these companies, certifications that they hold, how their products are made, how their employees are treated, what goes into the products, and the environmental effect they have. LOTS of things to factor in, but we’ve done all the research for you here and have some great options for gifts for your loved ones this season!

One thing you’ll notice while listening is that shopping ethically is not that hard, nor is it that expensive! So, as you go about your shopping this holiday season, RETHINK what your purchases can mean! You can get an awesome gift at an affordable price and make your dollars go farther by supporting a brand you believe in that is having a positive impact on the planet and on our fellow humans’ lives. We often say the season isn’t about the gifts, but shouldn’t it be about how we treat others?

You can find the links to all the products we talk about listed below, as well as some honorable mentions from previous episodes where you can do more of that ethical shopping thang. Also make sure you check out her website if you want more ideas for places to shop this season that you can trust with your money! Merry Christmas and happy shopping, conscious consumers!

Links from the show:

World Changer Co.:

Redeemed With Purpose Classic Tortoise Hoops:
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Charcoal Soap by The Adventure Project:

Blue Planet Eyewear Sunglasses:
Use code WORLDCHANGER20 for 20% off!

Pela Case Phone Case:
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Terra Thread Laptop Case:
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Strawbit Straw:

Albatross Sailing Flagship Butterfly Razor:

Green Toys Dump Truck:

Rothy’s Shoes:

Manzanita Kids Little Sapling Name Puzzle:

Ten Thousand Villages Crunchy Critter Dog Toy:

United by Blue Dog Collar:

No Tox Life Dishwashing Block:

Dean’s Beans Coffee:

Good Gifts Handwoven Wool Blanket:

Accounts to follow:

HONORABLE MENTIONS for other ethical gifts:

Agathos Athleisure – Ethical Activewear:

T’s for Bees – Clothing that helps to Save the Bees:

Envirox – Green Cleaning:

Mrs. Emily – Handmade Fashion for Women:

Endangered Species Chocolate – Fair Trade Candy Bars:

Gehati – Handmade Fragrances and Skincare:

Noonday Collection – Fair Trade Global Accessories:

Saint Mae – Conflict-Free Fine Jewelry:


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