2019 Year in Review

When we set out to record a “year-in-review” episode, we originally planned on recording it at the end of the year… That was before the winter colds hit us. Ugh! But we’re here now and we’re still in reflection mode, so here it is! For the second time I invited my personal most favorite guest, one Mr. Justin Neally, back on the podcast to talk about how 2019 went and what we’re looking forward to in 2020! We had a blast recording this and went through a list of thoughtful questions, some serious and some not at all, thanks to friends and listeners giving us a little feedback. We hope that this conversation makes you reflect, makes you laugh, and leaves you encouraged.

Warning: there is crying in this episode, but it is not from Justin or I. We recorded it after the baby went to bed, but we still had to keep the monitor close by, and, like it or not, we’re believers in the cry-it-out method. #sorrynotsorry… What you don’t hear thanks to my editing skills is that I do at one point go to console Baker, and he is a-okay, so please don’t mom-shame me! I am sorry for the background noise that exists through part of this episode, though, but welcome to our lives! Speaking of babies, we talk a lot about what becoming parents has been like, challenges that we’ve faced, advice for other parents, and all sorts of fun grown up topics like that. But don’t fret, if you fast-forward through the first fifteen minutes or so you can skip that stuff if you want to.

Other topics we covered in this conversation were our 2019 travels, how we did on our goals for 2019 and our new goals for the new year, podcast episodes we enjoyed, products we like, books we read, who we’d give a wedgie to if we could… VERY important stuff here that you simply just can’t miss. Above all else, you’ll get to know us in this episode – a look behind the scenes at what we’re trying to do over here at the Enlighten Me Podcast. So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or whatever beverage of your choice and join us as we continue to ring in 2020. Cheers!

Links from the show:

The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak:

Bohemian Rhapsody movie:

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood movie:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo App:

Uncle Henry’s Natural Toothpaste:

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50:

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain + Order Remover:


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