EMM 1: Sustainable Shaving

Welcome to the first ever Enlighten Me Mini (EMM) episode!! This podcast has been so much fun for me and I have learned SO much from the guests who have been kind enough to give up their time for our interviews. But, I know that not everyone always feels like they have the time to listen to an hour-long episode. Enter EMM’s! I wanted to bring you, my listener, more content but in smaller doses. I’ll still be sharing my super awesome (and longer) interview episodes broken into two parts at the beginning of the month, but on the weeks in between I will be airing these mini episodes that have tidbits of information meant to educate you and help you live better.

This very first EMM episode is dedicated to the delicate art of shaving. I personally have a love-hate relationship with shaving. Of course, I love having silky smooth skin, but ahhhh, the razor burn! Oh, and did you know that the plastic razors that most people are using are a HUGE waste producer that clog up our landfills and oceans due to the lack of a proper recycling technique? Bad for the earth and bad for us – yuck! In the episode I go into more detail on the issues with plastic disposable razors and I also talk about the 200-year-old solution of switching back to metal safety razors! That’s right, our grandpa’s had the right idea. We’re going back to the basics, y’all!

The second half of this episode is about where you can find some super awesome metal razors at a very reasonable price, along with tips about how to shave with a metal razor. If you’ve been using a disposable razor for a long time, this may be a bit of a learning process for you. But have no fear, I was able to re-teach myself in no time! I think you will find that with a safety razor you not only get a much closer shave but a shave that lasts longer and feels better. I hope this episode helps you to treat your skin better and teaches you how, together, we can SHAVE the world from plastic! (Credit goes to Albatross Sailing Co., linked below, for that pun.)

Links from the show:
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Adam Ruin’s Everything – How Women Were Tricked Into Shaving:
Where to buy razors:
Shaving tips:
CREMO Shave Cream:

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