Episode 96: Essential Oils – Part 1

Coming at you today with all sorts of OILY goodness! You’ve probably heard of essential oils before as their popularity continues to grow. But, these are much more than a wellness trend. Did you know essential oils have actually been around for centuries?? These plant-powered oils have a lot of uses and benefits, and I wanted to get someone on the show who could teach us more about them!

Christa Pettit is a mom to two littles and is passionate about reducing toxins for her family. Essential oils have allowed her to do just that! This momma went from using Clorox wipes on the reg to switching out nearly ALL of her household products for oil-based ones. In Part 1 today, Christa is telling us about how she started using oils and all the different methods for their use. I really wanted to know if it’s possible that something as gentle and natural as OILS could really pack the cleaning power us mom’s need – turns out, they can! This is a big conversation and I had so many questions for her, but wait – this is just the first half!

Next week Christa will be back for Part 2 to tell us all about where we can start – how do we know what oils to buy? How do we know what brands we can trust? What do we do with the oils that are sitting on our shelf? This is the guide to essential oils 101 that you’ve been waiting for, so make sure you come back for Part 2 next week!

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