Episode 46: Faith and Feminism – Part 1

When you hear the word feminism, what pictures come up in your mind? Women burning their bras? Fighting for their pro-choice rights? Well, those images don’t truly encapsulate what feminism is. It’s actually quite a bit simpler than all that – feminism means equality between men and women. That’s what Meghan Tschanz is here to spread the message on. Through her speaking and writing, she is dispelling the lies and myths that society has been feeding us all this time, and I just love how she is spicing things up!

When I first came across Meghan’s podcast – Faith and Feminism – I just knew I had to meet her. These are two topics that I have a passion for and I wanted to see just how they go hand-in-hand. Because of her experiences as a former missionary working with sexually exploited women, Meghan has learned that so many of the oppression issues that females face are because of power dynamics and inequality between men and women. In a culture (and sometimes a church) that wants to tell her to sit down and shut up, Meghan believes that God has told her differently. She believes that Jesus himself was a feminist who empowered women, so she’s on a mission to spread that message.

No matter where your faith lies, I know you’ll learn a lot from Meghan today and enjoy what she has to share. Even if you don’t agree with everything we discuss, I ask that you approach the conversation with an open mind and be willing to learn from someone who has a different perspective than you. In Part 1, Meghan and I are discussing her background a little further, and she also educates me on what feminism truly is and why it should matter to all of us. Yep, all of us – no matter your gender, locale, or religion! That means that this episode isn’t just for women – she’ll explain how men can be a part of feminism, too, and we even start diving into hot topics like sexual assault. Next week on Part 2, we discuss some of these topics further and we also chat about what it’s been like for Meghan to receive pushback on this mission that a lot of people have a problem with. After hearing what she has to say today, I don’t think that will be any of you! So listen in and get ready to be pumped up from this girl on fire.

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