Episode 27: Sex Slavery

This conversation has been brought to you by… Canadian coffee shop parking lots! Naomi is a busy wife and momma who runs a business. She lives in the Canadian mountainside and when it was time for our interview, she had to scramble to get to town for a better internet connection. After 1.5 hours of sitting in her car outside her local cafe, we had ourselves one of my favorite interviews to date.

This conversation was not my favorite because it was a fun topic. It was a hard topic, actually, and an uncomfortable one. Many of us talk about the effects that slavery has had on our culture today, but we talk about it like slavery no longer exists. That’s far from the truth. In fact, there are more people enslaved today than have ever been before. Sexual exploitation is one of these cruel forms of human bondage, and that’s what Naomi is working towards bringing to an end. With her small business making adorable jewelry, she donates half of her proceeds to various organizations that are fighting human trafficking.

While this interview centers on a sensitive topic that you might not want little ears to listen to, Naomi will share why it’s still one that we need to educate our kids on. The average age for a person to be captured into sex slavery is 13. Did you catch that? 13 years young! Educating our children can potentially protect them from ever running the risk of being exploited. You might be thinking that this would never happen to your own child, but in this interview you will hear how something so tragic can happen to a seemingly “normal” kid, and how this is currently taking place in our very own cities.

As always, this conversation isn’t meant to make you feel sad about the topic at hand. While I hope it stirs up feelings in you, I hope it equally empowers you to take action. There are practical steps that you and I can take to bring human slavery to an end. Ending the human slave trade IS possible in our lifetime, but first we need to learn about how we may be unknowingly contributing to the billion-dollar industry. After listening, think about what you can do to help the cause and commit to it! Maybe it’s buying some cute RWP jewelry for yourself or someone you know – that’s what I just did! Shop the collection and check out my latest purchases using the links below!

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