Episode 5: Foster Care and Adoption

Episode 5: Enlighten Me on Parenting through Foster Care and Adoption with Lindsay Walder

Listen up for a tender and eye-opening conversation on being an adoptive and foster parent. I interviewed my friend Lindsay on her foster care and adoption journey. We talk about the highs, the lows, and all the parts in between.

Lindsay and her husband always knew they would be living as modern-day missionaries, but they did not expect it to be in this way. Nearly five years ago they embarked on an adventure that would prove to be the toughest and the most rewarding of their lives. Their very first foster placement eventually became their forever baby, now their 4-year old little boy. 2 more foster children and one biological babe later and they are already on to the next adoption journey.

In this conversation, Lindsay shares about their experiences with each of the children that have been in their home. She is open and honest about the good parts and the bad, and what baggage each of the unique situations brought along with them. Lindsay addresses some common fears and stereotypes that come along with foster care and adoption and offers real, genuine encouragement to individuals who are considering adoption in their futures. Lindsay also shares some practical tips on how to love families well who are serving as foster and adoptive parents.

Lindsay and I touch on what it’s like to have an interracial family and some of the challenges that come along with that. Lindsay admits that she was naïve to the obstacles that having a family made up of different races would bring and how she went about educating herself so that she could be the best mom possible to a child that is a different color than she is. She also talks about action steps that she and her husband are taking now to provide for children of color in their home in the future.

The foster care and adoption world is a place where Hollywood stories cloud our realities so very easily. Throughout our interview, Lindsay opened my eyes to a lot of incorrect assumptions that I had and pointed out many things about the system that I had never before thought of. Whether or not foster care or adoption is something that has appealed to you before, this conversation and Lindsay’s story will tug at your heart strings and give you a soft spot for families that endure similar circumstances. Lindsay’s lovely Instagram feed and blog writing will also do the same thing, so make sure you check her out!


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