Episode 13: Fair Fashion

Breanne Johnson might seem like your typical Texan mom and wife at first look, but take a step closer and you will see a multi-passionate chick that is taking steps to change the world. Breanne is a boutique owner, a photographer, and a fellow podcaster on top of all her other duties with being a wife and a mommy to two! In today’s episode, we are primarily chatting about her online boutique called Salt and Light Trading Co.

S&L is based out of Waco, Texas (which Breanne and her family now call home!) and is devoted to selling fair trade and ethically made pieces. Adorable pieces, I might add. Breanne didn’t always know that she would be a business owner but has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about her. When she first decided to dive into being a girl boss, she had to pause and think about what type of company she would run. In the show, we talk about how a lot of her inspiration came from her time spent as a missionary in the Amazon, and how her eyes were opened to the needs that impoverished communities face. Enter fair trade fashion and you have a small business that is impacting lives!

Breanne offers some excellent advice to us consumers who want to shop ethically but don’t always know how. She explains what to watch out for on labels and price tags, and also what to look for in the companies that we’re purchasing from. Although shopping fair trade might not always be possible, we can look to shop secondhand first in an effort to reduce our footprint and can also try to support small businesses over larger corporations. Altogether, Breanne enforces the idea that where we put our money matters. She said something that I have been learning time and time again: we are making a difference with our purchases, so why not make it a positive difference?

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty in love with the idea that I can help make someone’s life better by purchasing a cute tee. Breanne explains why these purchases are actually better and more sustainable than simply making a donation to someone in need. If I can promise you one thing that you will get out of this episode, it is that Breanne will encourage your heart to be mindful with your money and to vote for the world that you want to live in. Let’s do this together!

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