Episode 24: Veganism

Episode 24: Enlighten Me on Veganism with Saudia Green

Hey, good for you! The word “veganism” didn’t scare you off yet! I’ve waited a long time to record an episode where we discuss veganism because I know the associations that come with the term. But here’s the rule with listening to this episode: you have to keep an open mind. That’s the only rule! Can you do it?

Saudia Green is a boss lady. She is a wife and mom, a fitness guru, a sports nutritionist, a vegan chef, and the CEO of her company Beyond Vegans. Several years ago Saudia’s husband introduced the idea of a vegan lifestyle to her and her kids as a solution to some digestive issues he was experiencing. Together they did some research on the effects this could have on their health, our planet, and the animals that reside on it and they haven’t looked back since. Now, Saudia has created a platform that is designed to help those who are interested in pursuing a vegan diet.

My favorite part about Beyond Vegans is that it’s focused on holistic health: mind, body and spirit. In today’s conversation, Saudia makes clear that she isn’t here to judge anyone’s eating habits or lifestyles, but simply to open our minds to consider some healthy alternatives to our typical ways of eating. We chat about what veganism is, why it’s important for us and our world, and how easy it can actually be! If you’re thinking that being a vegan means only eating leaves, she’ll show you just how wrong you are.

Something to keep in mind while you listen is that this is a process. No one should decide overnight to become a vegan – it involves lots of research and small adjustments. Saudia is going to show us just how we can approach this! Again, it doesn’t mean that you have to decide today to become a vegan, but maybe you can include one or two plant-based meals a week in your home! So, is your mind open? Ready to listen? Let’s go!

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