Episode 40: Sun Protection – Part 1

Summer is here (for us Westerner’s, that is) and it is HOT. If you’re living in the Southern US like me, you’re probably sweating as you listen to this. As the heat rages, talking about sun protection has never been more relevant! It’s about this time of year that we all check our bathroom cabinets to see what SPF we have leftover from last year, and fingers crossed that it’s not expired! However, did you know that we actually need that SPF every single day? Yep, even when it’s cold and cloudy and even raining and snowing! That’s what Priya’s here to educate us on.

Priya has devoted her spare time to running a blog that shines a light on hair and skin tips as well as trustworthy brands. This isn’t just any blog, though – she is particularly passionate about sustainability and actually works with brands to help them become more eco-conscious! One element of skincare she is interested in is educating folks on the importance of sun protection. There are A LOT of misconceptions about this topic, such as who needs to be wearing SPF and when we need to wear it. (I’ll give you a hint: it’s everyone and it’s all the time.)

That’s what today’s episode is about! This is just Part 1 of our conversation, but we’re addressing what SPF really is and why it’s important. After listening, you’re going to want to stock up on the ‘screen, but wait a second before you do! In Part 2, which will be available next week, Priya and I are going to be discussing what to look for in your SPF, as well as what to avoid, and we’ll even give you some recommendations of brands that we trust. Until then, layer up on the sunscreen no matter what the weather is today!

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