Episode 9: Purposeful Fashion

Episode 9: Enlighten Me on Doing Fashion Better with Emily Harris

Basically, Emily Harris is a freaking baller. For many moons Emily dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She moved to New York when she was young, worked for some high-profile designers, and even made an appearance on Project Runway… Now, this wife and mama is running her own business making fashion pieces with a purpose. This wasn’t how she expected it to go, but what a beautiful journey it’s been.

For this convo, Emily is bravely and humbly sharing her story. We talked a lot about her fashion journey and how she entered the crazy and often cut-throat world of designing. While dreaming of her future career, someone asked Emily a challenging question: “How can fashion improve the world?” This thought shaped the rest of Emily’s career as she set out to use her passions and talents to make this place that we live even better.

Mrs. Emily is now an 8 year old company that’s recently been completely revamped! Emily started her brand when she was becoming a first-time mom but quickly realized that running a business and doing the mom thing wouldn’t work so peacefully together. Now that her mini-me is in school, Emily has been hustling – hustling HARD – to keep building the brand.

I loved hearing how Emily’s experiences – both the fun and the hard – have shaped her designs. Because she’s a working mom, Emily knew that her clothing had to be functional while still making her feel lovely. The quippy and relatable sayings that are on her tees and caps come from her own life experiences. The first tee that Emily designed reads, “I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS HARD.” ‘Nuff said.

Emily and I also chat ethical fashion in this episode. Emily shares a unique perspective of the “labor behind the label” movement that will resonate with all consumers. Emily’s biggest tip: don’t buy so many clothes, only what you really love and will wear the crap out of. Overconsumption is such a real problem, especially since we have access to such cheap goods. If we can start buying less and choosing better, we can help ourselves AND mother earth!

Finally, Emily shares why buying pieces that we love with our whole hearts is so important. Not only will we treasure those pieces more and take care of them better, but they’re going to give you more confidence. I can’t say it any better than Emily did: “Your confidence is power.” The better we feel about ourselves, which is often rooted in how we look, the more initiative we will have to get.our.ish.DONE. Oh, and don’t fret: if you’ve spent any time drooling over Emily’s Instagram and how she styles her home and her wardrobe, she is sharing alllllll the fashion tips with us today, too! I’ll keep you posted on if we get inspired to write that book someday!

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Thrifting Tips:

  1. Take time in the store and go back consistently
  2. Don’t be too specific with your searches
  3. Ignore sizes
  4. Get over the gross factor
  5. Picture the thing outside of the store
  6. Do the smell test
  7. Bring a friend
  8. Get inspired before you go


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