Episode 10: The Mocha Club

Episode 10: Enlighten Me on Changing Lives in Africa with Emily Blackledge

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of, “Meanwhile, there are children starving in Africa!” Chances are, you have. BUT, do you really know what that means? Do you really know what children in African nations face, and what the development of these countries look like? Chances are, you don’t! Enter Emily Blackledge, president of the Mocha Club. The Mocha Club exists to equip local leaders to inspire lasting change across the continent of Africa.

The Mocha Club has been around for 18 years, all the while creating sustainable change on one of the worlds most underdeveloped continents. In today’s conversation, Emily explains why this is the case. In easy-to-understand terms she gives a brief history of the land and explains why so much corruption exists in several of the countries there. You will be surprised at this history lesson, as well as at what’s taking place in Africa today. Most people are unaware of the fact that, to this very day, there are rebel wars raging across several of these nations, putting innocent lives in danger. This also adds to the controversial issue of refugees, of which Africa has many.

However, this conversation isn’t meant to be a depressing one. While you may learn some shocking information you didn’t know before about this beautiful land, you will also here of some pretty amazing efforts that the Mocha Club is taking to make a difference. The Mocha Club’s approach of asset-based development through education is an impactful one. Unlike many organizations that simply contribute charity work, the Mocha Club equips local leaders in 11 different African countries with the tools that they need to inspire change in the community they know best! This includes a multiplicity model, in which the local leaders are ready to educate those around them and create more and more powerful leadership.

The best part of it all? You can be a part of this change! The Mocha Club actually designates it’s giving to reflect a model that empowers young people (who don’t have the largest paychecks) to give at a reasonable amount – less than the cost of one cup of coffee from Mickey D’s a day! After hearing Emily’s passion for the ways that Mocha Club is serving the African people and understanding your proximity to these fellow human beings, you will be compelled to join in the efforts.

Emily will inspire you to want to make a difference in this world in whatever way you are passionate about. She firmly believes in every day generosity – we are where we are today because of the sacrifice of others, so we too can make sacrifices to make the world a better place. How are you going to make a difference with every day generosity?

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