Episode 35: Non-Toxic Living – Part 1

TOXINS. Nobody wants them, but does anyone know what they actually are? On Part 1 of this 2-part series, Sandee and Callie, the mother-daughter duo, are sharing their insights into what toxins are and what products we can find them in. I’ll give you a hint: This is not just about beauty products, so listen up, fellas!

Thanks to her daughter, Callie’s, prompting, Sandee decided she would try her hand at making soap for fun one Christmas. She never thought that this would turn into running her very own company with her daughter-turned-business-partner 6 years later! Once Sandee and Callie learned what the ingredients listed on the back of their shampoo bottles really were, though, they knew they had to do something about it. On Earth Day 2014, No Tox Life was born! For 6 years now this company has been growing and growing to provide clean, safe, yummy-smelling body and home care products at an affordable price for their patrons. Oh, and better yet, Sandee and Callie are super conscious of wastefulness and do their best to make sure the packaging of their products is as waste-free as possible!

On today’s episode, we’re focusing on defining toxins for the listeners and breaking down a lot of the mystery that comes with the technical terms we often see on labels. I’ll be honest, this conversation has me wishing I paid more attention in high school chemistry! But no worries, Sandee and Callie are here to help. They define some of the most common terms we see on labels, tell us where these toxins are often found and also explain the effects they can have on our bodies. I learned SO much from them during this interview. I wish I could just have them on speed dial to ask them questions all the time! One thing is for sure though – after listening to this you won’t want to buy products anywhere else except from No Tox Life!

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