Toxin-Free Nails

I’ll be honest — this has been one of the last areas that I’ve chosen to reduce my toxic load in. I always knew that nail polish couldn’t be that good for you, but I also really, really loved having my nails done. When I was working at my full-time job, I would go every few weeks to get a SNS dip manicure – I was legitimately hooked.

Someone recently informed me, though that our nails are porous and absorb what we put on them, just like our skin does.

There are so many nasty ingredients in your typical polish, including formaldehyde and other known carcinogens. On top of these things being absorbed into our bloodstream upon use, we’re also inhaling them whenever we do our nails! Ugh – guess I can’t be willfully ignorant about that one anymore!

BUT it’s okay! There is such a thing as non-toxic nail polish! And guess what? It works! I found one brand, Kapa Nui Nails, while in Hawaii last month and had to stock up. I am loving it because it goes on easier than typical nail polish (it’s more like using regular paint, if that makes sense?) AND it doesn’t stink!!

There are also a few other brands I’ve heard of:
Zoya Nails
Olive and June
Sienna Byron Bay

And I’m sure there are many more out there! Comment below if there are any that I left out, OR if you’ve been to a non-toxic nail salon before! (Yep, they exist!)

Something I realized from the podcast episode last week with Jess about alkaline water is just how many toxins are in and around our bodies allllll the time (like in our drinking water…), so it’s incredibly important to reduce them wherever we can (like in our cosmetic products…).

For an extra does of non-toxic living, skip the polish remover and use lemongrass essential oil instead! I put lemongrass directly on a cotton ball or reusable cotton pad and it works like a charm to remove old polish. And BONUS, it doesn’t stink either! I love having my hands smell lemony-fresh after I do my nails, all the while knowing that I don’t have to be concerned about what chemicals I’m putting on my body.

Really, we all need to be in the habit of constantly questioning what we put IN and ON our bodies. All of these small little doses of toxins will add up over time, so let’s prioritize our future health right now!

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