Celebrating Black History in February and Beyond

I used to think Black history was talking about slavery.

I still think it’s important to acknowledge because, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1967,
“Now America must hear about its sins because we will never understand what is happening in this country today without understanding that we are now reaping the harvest of terrible evil planted by seeds centuries ago.”

But slavery isn’t just Black history. It’s white history, too. And Black history started long before slavery did.

Black history is so much more. It’s celebrating all the success, the innovation, and the brilliance of Black culture.

That’s something we should be doing year-round – not just in February.

That’s why I’m writing this at the end of the month. I wanted to give you something practical you could do to celebrate the achievements of Black people that extends far beyond the month of February. Normally, I would be sending out a list of books and documentaries and other resources I think you should explore to honor this month. But this time, I’m taking a different approach.

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in the attention given to small businesses – wahoo!

There are millions of small businesses out there that could use our support, but there’s also minority-owned businesses that perhaps deserve it even more. I’m talking about female-owned, BIPOC-owned, and the like.

So, I’ve compiled a list of Black-owned businesses that I think are worth supporting in honor of BHM. These stores aren’t just places to support in February, and I’m not even saying that you should go buy something from them right now just because they’re Black-owned.

What I’m saying is that we should incorporate purposefully supporting Black-owned businesses into our everyday lives.

Maybe the next time you need a product from this list, you’ll revisit this post and pay a little more in shipping fees than you would on Amazon Prime to support a Black-owned business. And really, this thinking extends far beyond Black-owned businesses. I want to honor all kinds of minorities who are hustling hard. But, in an effort to celebrate those successes and that innovation I was mentioning earlier, here’s something small you can incorporate into your mindful consumer shopping habits.

Ethical & Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses:

  1. Evergreen Baby

Small business started by two Black mothers that offers eco-friendly baby products.

2. Plant Apothecary

Clean, organic, and cruelty-free self-care products made from plant-based materials.

3. Oh Happy Dani

Digital artwork encouraging faith and inspiring justice.

4. Mented Cosmetics

Vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic beauty products designed to work with every skin tone.

5. Austin Nature Works

Safe and eco-friendly wooden children’s toys crafted by hand from sustainable materials.

6. Clare Paint

High quality indoor paints made without toxic solvents that pollute the air and pose health risks.

7. Tal & Bert

Husband and wife team creating modern cement homewares using raw materials.

8. Black Vibe Tribe

Clothing brand started by a 14 year-old with messages designed to connect, love, uplift, and build.

9. Love Your Neighbor

Children’s books and other merch spreading a much-needed message.

10. Gehati

Soy candles and other natural fragrance products – featured on episodes 14 & 15 of the podcast!

11. Kindred Paper Co.

Meaningful greeting cards printed on recyclable materials.

12. Eu’Genia Shea

Family-run company creating safe and all-natural shea butter products with a give-back model.

13. Agaati

Fair-trade fashion designed with the enviornment in mind.

14. Turning Page Bookshop

The only Black and female-owned book store in the state of SC. You can subscribe to this audio book platform while still supporting their shop.

15. Naja

Ethically and sustainably made intimates with a give-back program.

I would love more recommendations! What minority-owned businesses do you love supporting?

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