Episode 28: Latina Experiences

A cultured convo with a cultured Tejana! Maria Escamilla (or Tori, for short) is a Texan native with Mexican-American roots and experience as a US Veteran. See what I mean by “cultured”?! In her 32 years of life, Tori has been a lot of places and seen a lot things. All of these experiences have given her some unique perspectives on what we might consider “hot” topics. That’s what we’re chatting about in today’s episode!

Above all else, I appreciate Tori’s patience and openness with me in this conversation. She gave me permission to ask about her cultural background and what it’s like to be a Mexican-American woman in today’s world. We talked about things that could easily be frustrating or tiring for her, but she was willing to educate me and to give me a safe space to ask important questions. I loved the understanding that we both shared for one another and I think you’ll no doubt hear that as we chat. Specifically, Tori’s experience working for the American government has exposed her to so many things. I feel that this gives her a lot of credibility to talk about topics like immigration from an unbiased place. One one hand, her great-grandparents immigrated to Texas from Mexico. On the other hand, she has sacrificed a lot of her life to fight for this country. Who better to share their standpoint on what can often be such a controversial, black-and-white topic?

My hope for you as you listen to Tori and I speak is that your mind will be opened to hearing the story of someone who is different from you. In these politicized times we live in and with an election season right around the corner, it’s easy to make some of these topics about laws rather than about lives. If it weren’t for immigration, Tori wouldn’t be here today serving our country in the multiple ways that she does!

I think this episode will also demonstrate to you why having proximity to people who are different than us matters. I’m not trying to say that we all have to agree in the end, but if you are only surrounding yourself with people who have similar opinions and similar life experiences to you, you’re missing out. My other hope for you after listening to this episode is that you’ll go watch Jane the Virgin after listening to us – now THAT you will not regret!

Big hugs to Tori for her time in this convo! San Antonio, you’re so lucky to have her! Make sure you check out her radio show if you’re in the area, and if not you can catch her on the podcast (linked below) any day!

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