Episode 3: Ethical Clothing

Episode 3: Enlighten Me on Ethically Sourced Clothing with Samantha Martin

Ready, set, listen! In this episode I chat with my new friend, Samantha Martin, who runs an ethical active wear company in Nashville. Agathos Athleisure is a ballin’ company that is all about doing good for people and for the planet.

Samantha Martin was climbing the corporate ladder when she realized that she had little passion for what she was doing. Her eyes were opened to the fact that the business world she was in was all about making money and keeping it all to yourself. Samantha so bravely decided to step away from this much-practiced business model and start her own company that was a lot more meaningful. In 2016, Samantha started Agathos Athleisure – my new favorite place to get the world’s cutest yoga pants.

Agathos is an ethical active wear company that carries brands who make their clothing consciously. The shop sells clothing from a variety of places around the world, including the good ol’ U.S. of A., and only sells brands that are eco-friendly, paying their employees fair wages, and/or are philanthropic. You haven’t even seen the clothes yet and you already want to buy them, don’t you?!

In this conversation Samantha and I talk all about what it was like to start her own business and be a female in a male-dominant world. Samantha has lots of encouraging words to share with those of us who have a like-minded, entrepreneurial spirit. I swear, I need to have a recording of Samantha pumping me up that I can play when I wake up to in the morning!

We also talk about all things ethical clothing production. We cover what exactly it means for clothing to be consciously and ethically sourced, earth friendly, fair trade, and all the good things. This is the perfect introductory conversation into topics that matter to our planet A LOT right now. Samantha does an excellent job putting these big terms into understandable comparisons and explaining what we should be looking for in the brands we purchase from. When we purchase things, we send a message about what we believe in and what we value. And I’m tellin’ ya, Samantha’s words will make you rethink a lot of those habitual purchases!

I love hearing Samantha’s heart for why she started her business, what she looks for in her brands, and all the ways she’s continuing to dream even after opening Agathos just a few short years ago! I know you’re going to be a huge fan of Samantha and, don’t worry, I already told her I want her to come back someday! I hope you feel enlightened on the topic of ethical clothing and ready to make some simple changes in your own life. Keep learning, you’ve got this.



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