Episode 19: Fast Fashion

Episode 14: Enlighten Me on the Problem with Fast Fashion with Gabi Goddard – Part 1

Have you ever thought about the entire process that goes into making a garment? There is much more to fashion than designing and stitching – it actually starts on the farm when a seed is planted that eventually turns into fabric. And where does that process end? In the store, or in your closet? Actually, the process doesn’t really end until garments are at their last stop of the landfill. The planet and the people working in the fashion industry are terribly affected by this long and harmful process.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though! In my conversation with Gabi Goddard, she taught me all about fast fashion AND all about the other side of the coin in ethical fashion. There was sooooo much good content with this interview that I had to split it into two episodes! This first episode is focused on learning what the issue is with fast fashion. There’s A LOT of information here, so I encourage you to follow it up with some of your own research! Watch the documentary that Gabi recommends, and maybe even listen to this episode on repeat so you can soak up all of Gabi’s words of wisdom!

Part 2 will be devoted to ethical fashion and how we can be a part of the solution to this global issue. This is a toughie because it truly does impact our convenience – BUT, Gabi promises (and I do, too) that the transition isn’t all that difficult after all. Also, it’s completely worth it once you hear about the lives that are at stake. Don’t let this conversation overwhelm or depress you, but let it challenge you to become a difference-maker!

Full disclosure that Gabi and I get off-topic a handful of times here. I got to learn a lot about Sydney, Australia where Gabi calls home and have been convinced that I must go for a visit as soon as humanly possible! You’re going to laugh and smile with us as you hear about Gabi’s Aussie actor life and how she became interested in fashion and in human rights issues. Let this sweet and powerful girl educate and challenge you in this episode, and make sure you stay tuned for the next part of our conversation, too! You’re going to learn not just about the issue at hand, but about your role in the resolution.


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