Episode 15: Single Parenting – Part 2

Episode 14: Enlighten Me on Being a Single Parent with Diamond Downs – Part 2

Has the anticipation been killing you? I’m with you, friend! Well, here it is – Part 2 of my conversation with Diamond Downs. In today’s episode, Diamond and I continue the conversation on what it’s like to be a single parent. If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go listen! You don’t want to miss what Diamond has to say.

In Part 1, Diamond and I talked about the journey of starting her business and some of the truths and myths about being a single, working parent. I really enjoyed this second part because Diamond speaks to those listening that are single parents and gives some serious encouragement about chasing their dreams. Spoiler alert: If you’re a single parent, it doesn’t mean your life is over! She also addresses those of us who maybe can’t relate to being a single parent and tells us how we can make this world better by serving and helping those around us. No matter where you’re at in life, you will take something away from what Diamond shares. It’s just practical advice for how humans should treat humans. Another spoiler alert: Single parents enjoy being treated like regular people!

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly it is that Diamond does with her business, Gehati. We cover that in this episode, too! We talk about Gehati’s three main products and why you should probably have them in your house. Diamond explains how each of these products are made and why using natural products is so important for your health and your home! I can tell you already that I am a huge fan of the shower bombs. Even when I’m not using the shower, I can smell the eucalyptus as soon as I set foot in my bathroom. Ahhhmazing! I also can’t wait to try out the candles – did you know that some candles don’t burn clean and the black smoke they give off actually isn’t too good for you? Well, not with Gehati candles. They burn clean because they are made from soy wax – what Diamond shares will most likely change the way you shop!

You’re going to walk away from this conversation feeling inspired to chase your dreams. I love Diamond’s advice of “just go for it!” because you never know where it could end up. Can I get an Amen?! Make sure you check out the shop and support this hardworking mama, you won’t regret it!

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