Episode 50: 50 Tips for Sustainable Living on a Budget

50 episodes! Wow, it feels like this has been a long time coming. I’m jazzed to be celebrating this milestone, and I knew I wanted to do it with a bang! That’s why I invited a very special guest on, my one and only Mom, to help me celebrate! In honor of 50 episodes, my Mom and I together shared 50 of our best tips for sustainable living on a budget. Often times, the information we’re fed about being sustainable can seem like it has to cost a lot of money to participate in. That’s simply not the case, though! We each picked out 25 things you can do for very low cost and low effort that will help to make this world a better place.

I also want to point out that we broaden the term “sustainability” here, so we’re not just referring to things that are eco-friendly. There is plenty of that, of course, but we also discuss some ethical living ideas that focus more on social justice. I had such a blast going through all these tips with my biggest podcast fan – shoutout to Mom for always supporting me and for helping me celebrate a special time! You can view a summarized list of all of our tips below, along with links to any products that we referenced today. While you’re listening, always remember this: we don’t need anyone to be perfect at sustainability, we need lots of people to be imperfect at it! All of our small little efforts collectively add up to some big change. Keep going!

  1. Bring your own bags while shopping.
  2. Recycle plastic bags properly.
  3. Say “no” to straws and bring your own instead.
  4. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap.
  5. Use a bamboo or recycled plastic toothbrush.
  6. Use wooden and metal kitchen utensils.
  7. Buy wooden toys or toys made from recycled materials.
  8. Stop buying plastic sandwich bags – reuse what you have or buy reusable ones.
  9. Choose recycled plastic whenever possible.
  10. Use old containers and glass jars for food storage.
  11. Bring your own leftover containers to restaurants.
  12. Bring your own produce bags.
  13. Buy naked, unpackaged produce.
  14. Bring your own reusable water bottle and coffee cup.
  15. Bring your own eating utensils.
  16. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
  17. Use rags for cleaning instead of paper towels.
  18. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones and reusable feminine products instead of disposable ones.
  19. Check your recycling guide before you throw things in the trash.
  20. Plant flowers that attract bees.
  21. Provide water for bees outside.
  22. Rethink driving whenever possible,
  23. Plant trees.
  24. Compost your food waste.
  25. Wear liquid sunscreen that is oxybenzone free.
  26. Water your lawn and plants in the early morning hours.
  27. Reuse rain water and cooking water for plants.
  28. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and doing dishes.
  29. Wash full loads of laundry only.
  30. Wash your laundry in cold water.
  31. Hang your clothes and linens to dry.
  32. Use the dishwasher when full instead of hand washing dishes.
  33. Try Meatless Monday and cut down meat consumption.
  34. Join local groups for beach and neighborhood clean ups.
  35. Advocate for green cleaning in your public spaces.
  36. Buy used clothing.
  37. Buy used furniture and other home goods.
  38. Buy used books, CD’s, DVD’s and other media.
  39. Sell your old clothes or do a clothing swap.
  40. Check your labels and buy natural fibers instead of synthetic.
  41. Find a local seamstress/cobbler to help repair worn clothes/shoes.
  42. Watch more documentaries and listen to more podcasts.
  43. Follow accounts and hashtags to learn more.
  44. Support Black-owned and female-owned businesses.
  45. Support local businesses before shopping online.
  46. Support small businesses in-person and online.
  47. Opt for plastic-free and no-rush shipping whenever possible.
  48. Look for businesses with a give-back model.
  49. Invest in banks/stocks with a low ESG rating.
  50. Wear a mask.

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