Episode 21: Zero Waste

Episode 21: Enlighten Me on Going Zero Waste with Elizabeth Teo

Can you imagine living a life where you produce zero waste? ZERO things thrown in the garbage, ZERO food left on your plate, ZERO new items purchased. Sounds extreme, right? Extremely important, that is! In this episode, Elizabeth is informing us on the problems with waste and how we can start reducing it in our lives! You’re never going to think about what you’re tossing in the bin in the same way after this conversation!

Elizabeth Teo is a Seattle-transplant living in Canada who studies environmental science in school. Someday she dreams of working in environmental policy, but for now she uses her platform on social media to inform others on a zero waste lifestyle. To start this episode off, Elizabeth first educates me on the three main types of waste: food waste, fashion waste, and garbage. We talk about just how much waste there is in the world (like the fact that 25 BILLION coffee cups are thrown away every year!) and why this waste is so concerning. Spoiler alert: all of our waste is ending up in our oceans, depositing micro-plastics in our marine life, and filling up landfills and emitting greenhouse gases. Yikes!

BUT, don’t fret – as is usually the case with these types of conversations, we hold the power to make a difference! And in fact, the planet needs us to. We are running out of time, people! Elizabeth educates us on what is means to truly go “zero waste.” Another spoiler alert: nobody is 100% zero waste. This movement is not about perfection, but it’s about making progress together to reduce our footprint by reducing our wastefulness. She shares tons of simple (and I mean simple) tips about swaps we can make and hacks we can try to cut out waste from our lives. The best tip of all, in my opinion, is to start following folks on social media like Elizabeth who have allllll the zero waste advice to share! You will be amazed at all the things that are winding up in your garbage bin that really don’t need to be there, and also how many easy tricks there are to cut back!

So here’s the challenge: think twice as you toss things in the trash. How can you cut back? President Obama said it best: “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” Let’s tackle this problem together!

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