EMM 5: EMF Radiation

On this EMM we’re talking about EMF’s! No, that’s not a typo – it stands for Electromagnetic Fields, AKA radiation. There are all kinds of EMF’s out there that we know about, like X-Rays, but did you know that your cell phone and laptop are constantly producing the same type of radiation at a lower frequency? Yikes!

Today on the show, I’m breaking down EMF’s and explaining what the research on them tells us. Unfortunately, it’s not much. There has never been and never will be a study on humans to find out the effects of low-frequency EMF radiation. But, most researchers agree that the long-term exposure to this stuff will have some effect on us, the largest being a potential to cause cancer. That means that we’re the experiment! Again, yikes!!

I never share this type of information to scare people, but rather to educate you so that you can know better and do better! After explaining what EMF’s are and why they’re dangerous, I go through a list of different ways to reduce your exposure and proximity to this radiation. This list is long, but I really think you’ll find it helpful. I’ve come up with many different healthy habits to start using with your cell phone, but I also discuss some common household appliances that you might not expect to be emitting EMF’s and how to handle those. In case you listened and need a recap, here’s the gist:

  1. Speakerphone is your friend
  2. Don’t keep your phone on your body
  3. Don’t have your laptop directly on your lap
  4. Avoid bluetooth headsets
  5. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode
  6. Download things ahead of time and turn off data/wifi
  7. Don’t charge your phone by your bed
  8. Stop using your microwave
  9. Ditch the hair dryer
  10. Unplug appliances that aren’t in use
  11. Turn off phones and computers when they aren’t in use
  12. Choose wired over wireless
  13. Switch from a smart meter to an analog meter
  14. Buy an EMF-reducing phone case
  15. Buy salt rock lamps and plants for your home
  16. Grounding outside for 20 minutes per day

Our electronics are not as safe as we always thought. So, let’s unplug, get outside, and rebalance our bodies!

Links from the show:
EMF’s explained – National Cancer Institute:
National Toxicology Report:
WHO Carcinogen Report:
Ideas for reducing exposure:
“EMF*D” by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

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