Episode 11: Fair Trade Chocolate

Episode 11: Enlighten Me on Fair Trade Chocolate

Raise your hand if you’re a chocolate addict! You can’t see me, but my hand is currently raised. While walking down your favorite store aisle, have you noticed the dark brown chocolate bars with the beautiful photographs of animals on them? Yep, that’s Endangered Species Chocolate. Tod Dalberg, their Director of Brand and Marketing, took the time to speak with me for this episode and educated me on two topics that are near and dear to my heart: endangered animals and Fair Trade cocoa!

Endangered Species Chocolate was started in the early 1990’s by someone who had a passion for quality chocolate but also wanted to focus on conservation and sustainability. Nearly 30 years later, the company is producing chocolate that is sold in stores nation-wide and is supporting two amazing organizations that are creating real change in our world: Rainforest Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Network are empowered by the generosity of ESC to save our rainforests and endangered animals.

In this conversation, Tod explains what it means to be an endangered species and shares the jaw-dropping statistic that, in the past 50 years, over half of the worlds animals have gone extinct. Two things about this problem – 1) it can mostly be attributed to humans actions, and 2) it requires action on our end to make a change.

Tod also shares about the role that habitats play in these matters. Not only are animal populations being devastated, but so are our rainforests. Once again, we can attribute a lot of this loss to our own actions. You’ve probably heard of these problems before, but did you know they will affect you personally? Protecting the habitats protects the animals which ultimately protects YOU and ME. Like I said, this problem requires our attention. Get educated, start conversations, engage your policy makers, and stay involved!

The second half of Tod and I’s conversation is all about Fair Trade. What Tod shares will truly get you thinking about the labor behind the food you’re eating. Supporting Fair Trade means that you are supporting sustainability for farmers lives and their land. AND, the best part is, it’s for not much more moolah than you would pay for uncertified cocoa! Tod will compel you to become a more conscious consumer – by doing so, you are making a real difference in the lives of men, women and children who may otherwise be oppressed. This is serious stuff, but buying quality cocoa can make a world of difference. I know what you’re thinking – what a fun way to make a big difference!

Listen to what Tod shares. He is wise, and he shares a lot of relevant information that all of us humans really need to know so that we can live more consciously. And then, go get you some Endangered Species Chocolate!

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