Episode 33: Grief

In the midst of chaos, there is hope. That statement is as true today as it ever was. Though this episode was originally recorded back in the fall, I think it’s no coincidence that I had saved this message of hope for right now. Get ready to get inspired!

Rachel George is a busy lady. She is a writer and published author, she runs two local coffee shops in central Illinois with her husband, Sam, and together the two have a lot of babies to love. That’s actually what we’re talking about today – what it’s like to love and grieve babies who aren’t here on earth anymore while also loving babies who are.

Rachel and Sam have three sweet children in heaven. In this conversation, Rachel is sharing their story and what walking through this tremendous grief has taught them. This episode is different from one’s I’ve shared in the past – I didn’t really prepare any questions for Rachel, instead I just wanted her to share her story. As an author, she’s a natural at storytelling, and this story will compel you. You’ll learn what hope truly looks like, what it looks like to be active in your grieving process, and also that it’s okay to not be okay. Rachel is vulnerable in sharing her thoughts and feelings during such trying periods in her life, and she is also willing to share her tips for those grieving, especially couples grieving children, as well as tips for those who are supporting their loved ones in times of sorrow.

As I said, this story is about hope. While parts of Rachel’s story may bring tears, it will also bring smiles. You gotta make sure you listen all the way through so that you can hear even more good news that has come for Rachel since we recorded this! Oh, and you’ll also get a preview of some special announcements and exciting things that are coming!

You can look below for links that Rachel and I reference, but I want to point out that her blog and Instagram account are also full of amazing resources. Rachel’s vulnerability doesn’t stop after this episode – her blog posts and pictures are daily encouragements to me, and their website is also full of helpful resources for those grieving. Grief isn’t always a comfortable topic, in fact it’s something that people are so often anxious to get to the other side of. I’m thankful that Rachel and Sam have created a safe space to be broken and tools to support us in our heartbreak that we all will undoubtedly face in this life.

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“Hinds’ Feet on High Places” by Hannah Gurnard

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