Episode 18: Noonday Collection

Episode 18: Enlighten Me on Noonday Collection with Emily Chappell

What if there was a way to make the world a better place while you shop for cute jewelry and accessories that you love? Wait, you didn’t know there already is?! You must not have heard of Noonday Collection before! Enter Emily. Emily Chappell is a wife, mom, educator, and Noonday ambassador. In this episode, Emily is telling us alllll about Noonday and more generally about being a conscious consumer.

Emily first learned about Noonday as she and her family were in the process of adopting their son from Uganda. Noonday actually started out of an adoption 8 years ago when the founder, Jessica Honegger, was adopting internationally as well. Now, Jessica co-runs the largest fair trade, direct sales fashion brand in the world! This company is single-handedly changing the reputation of direct sales. It works like this: artisans across the globe living in marginalized communities make beautiful jewelry and accessories, and then ambassadors in the United States sell their products where there is more of a market for the goods, and both earn an income! Noonday does it right. Don’t believe me yet? Did I mention they are fair trade certified, a Certified B Corporation, and make their products out of recycled, natural materials? Emily actually got to witness all of this with her own two eyes when she went to Peru with Noonday to visit some of the artisans, which she tells us all about in the show

Throughout this episode, Emily explains more about how Noonday works, its history, and all of its amazing values, and she also explains why shopping ethically is important no matter where you’re shopping from. She teaches us how we can be more conscious consumers, and how that doesn’t automatically mean you need to quit shopping at your favorite stores. Rather, it can be as simple as checking where a product was made before purchasing it and making sure you are only buying from countries that treat their workers fairly. When we as consumers increase the demand for ethically-made goods, we are going to make an impact on this world and the labor behind the label.

This conversation is powerful. If you are listening, you are most likely privileged and living in a well-established country, which means that you have a responsibility. That’s what Emily shares in this episode, and it left me feeling, not guilty, but excited about the responsibility that we all share together. How cool is it that we can take action in such fun ways as supporting companies like Noonday? We can actually save money as conscious consumers, too, by cutting back on our purchases that are coming from questionable places. Conscious DOES NOT have to equal costly! You can also join in the fun by supporting Noonday and hosting a trunk show! Emily would love to help you get set up, so make sure you hit her up.

With the holiday season in full force, we all know that this can be a time filled with shopping and gift-giving. As you listen to this episode, be thinking about how you can make your purchases count for something that really matters. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season, and now go check out Noonday!

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