Episode 68: Cloth Diapers – Part 1

Cloth diapering – it’s not just for the crunchy crazies or the eco-friendly angels! And actually, it’s not just for parents of toddlers to know about, either. The disposable diaper industry has been able to change a whole way of thinking to make us think that anything besides what they have to offer is unsafe, unsanitary, and just plain weird. Today, Bailey is on the show to tell us why that’s far from the truth.

While this topic might seem like one that’s exclusively for stay-at-home mamas, after listening I think you’ll see that that’s simply not the case. We all should be aware of the diaper industries major impact on our economy and on our environment. Whether you’re currently a parent or not, learning about this topic can affect you as a consumer and can give you some helpful info to share with your friends!

Today, Bailey – a mom of two, author, and fellow podcaster – is sharing about her own journey as a cloth-diapering mama. She’s also explaining what some of the biggest benefits to using cloth diapers are and why you may want to consider them over the more wasteful, more expensive, and potentially unsafe alternative of disposable diapers. Something you should know as you listen is that this is a judgement-free zone. Bailey and I aren’t here to tell you that you have to use cloth diapers to be a good person. Instead, we’re here to help you be a more mindful consumer and make the best decision for your family.

Next week on Part 2, Bailey and I will be going through the “how-to’s” of cloth diapering. This is something I personally gets TONS of questions about – especially the ever-popular, “How do you clean them?!” question. Bailey will be answering that and more next week and helping cloth diapers to feel like a much more accessible option no matter where you’re at.

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