Episode 42: Sustainable Men’s Fashion – Part 1

Sustainable fashion. Ethical fashion. Fast fashion. These are terms we’ve all heard before; these are things I’ve even discussed on the show before! But, for some reason this tends to be a female-dominated conversation. Well, that stops here! For today’s episode, I got to interview a leading entrepreneur in the sustainable men’s wear industry – Garik Himebaugh, founder of Eco-Stylist.

Garik would not have described himself as a fashionable person in years past. He actually claims that he used to attempt to hide in his own clothes. How many of us can relate to that?! However, he eventually recognized that his clothing choices could be a way for him to express himself. Combine this with a passion for doing good in the world and Eco-Stylist was eventually born. Garik now runs this amazing site that provides resources for men to find sustainable and ethical fashion and even does personal styling for the fashionably-challenged. He believes that finding brands you can trust who do good for the planet and its inhabitants should not be a hard thing. Even though his platform focuses on men’s wear, I’ve personally benefited from all of the resources he provides on many occasions! He has dozens of blog posts that answer so many questions you might be wondering – like, what can I do with clothes and shoes I don’t want anymore? Or, is Everlane really a sustainable brand, or are they practicing greenwashing? So much good stuff!

On Part 1 of this interview, Garik and I discuss his journey with Eco-Stylist and why he felt the need to start this company. AKA – what is up with fast fashion? Even if this is a topic you’ve heard about before, let’s keep the conversation going! It’s important to remind ourselves why supporting fast fashion is so incredibly harmful. It’s also important to know what our alternatives are! Garik and I will talk more about that in Part 2, but he does offer some great tips today. For instance, did you know that two thirds of your fashion footprint comes after you’ve purchased your clothing and brought it home? That’s right, I’m talking about the impact our laundry has! Garik is going to shed light on things like this and remind us why the environmental and humanitarian impact of fashion is something we can’t stop talking about.

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