Episode 14: Single Parenting

Episode 14: Enlighten Me on Being a Single Parent with Diamond Downs – Part 1

Diamond Downs did not always plan on being a single mom who ran her own business. In fact, when she first started in college she was attending a fashion school where she had dreams of becoming a designer in a big city. Fast forward to nearly a decade later and that definitely isn’t her story, but the lessons she learned in design and creation are still serving her today.

Fragrance and jewelry were something that Diamond had a knack for, so when her family members suggested she start selling her products, she took the idea and ran with it. Seven years later and Gehati is a growing company that produces some AWESOME products! I first came across Diamond in my search for soy candles that are made clean and are good for us to breathe in. Little did I know she would have several other sweet products to offer. We talk more about Gehati’s specific products in Part 2 of this episode, but Part 1 is focusing specifically on her journey.

That’s right – there are two parts to this episode! Diamond and I chatted for TWO WHOLE HOURS and I ate up every second of it! I normally try to shorten my episodes to around an hour, but I didn’t want to take any part of this conversation out! So instead, I decided to split it up into two equally amazing parts. In Part 1, Diamond is super vulnerable in sharing about her tragic, unexpected journey in becoming a single mom. Shortly after giving birth to her now two-year old son, Diamond’s partner was in an accident that disabled him from being able to participate as a partner or as a parent any longer. Diamond was suddenly faced with the decision of whether or not to take the risk of continuing to run her young business. A corporate job would have been a safer, more secure route, but Diamond, along with the help of her precious family, persisted in pursuing her dream of running Gehati. Even though this wasn’t how Diamond planned for it all to go, she is rocking being a single mom as well as a girl boss.

On top of talking about her journey as a businesswoman and a single parent, Diamond addresses some of the common stereotypes she encounters as a single mom and puts those to rest. She also speaks into some of the truer aspects of what it’s like to be a single parent. With single parents becoming more and more common throughout our world, it’s so important to have these conversations so that we can understand how to better treat and serve those around us.

Diamonds resilience and determination will surely inspire you today. All of us go through hard trials, and I am for sure going to remember Diamond in these times. I love her honesty in saying that she still questions if she made the right decision, particularly when the stress is getting to her. But hey, that’s what the soy candles and shower bombs are for!

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