EMM 9: Phone Addiction

The world is buzzing about Netflix’s latest documentary – The Social Dilemma is an eye-opening look into the mindsets of the giant corporations that so many of us spend hours each day making richer and richer. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even our email accounts and search engines deeply depend on how much time they can get us to spend on their sites. The longer we do, the more money they make. And have you noticed that sites like these don’t ever end? You can scroll and scroll and scroll, but you won’t ever find a stopping point! Sneaky, huh?

The compelling documentary puts forth the argument that these are some quite unethical business practices, and I think that most people who watch it will end up agreeing. However, it also points out that we can’t wait around for these corporate conglomerates to decide to change their profit-over-people models. It’s time to take matters into our own hands! That’s why I’m talking about combatting phone addiction today on the show.

Let’s face it – we’re all phone addicts here! If you think you aren’t , let me ask you this – do you check your phone within the first 15 minutes of getting up in the morning? Yep, that’s a sign of addiction my friends, just like it is with that morning coffee craving! But it’s okay, we’re all in the same boat here. And with a little practice, we can kick the bad habits and get our screen time down. I’m discussing tips for overcoming addiction in today’s episode, including things like:

  • turning off notifications
  • deleting unnecessary apps
  • using an auto-text responder
  • making boundaries for phone use

And of course, starting this all off by setting a practical goal for yourself. How much time do you really want to be spending on your phone each day? If it’s anything less than 3 hours, that’s a step in the right direction considering that’s how much the average person is on their device daily! When you hear stats like these, it’s going to make you want to do better. And you can! Now, hit play and set your phone down!

Links from the show:
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The Guardian, 2019:
Rescue Time Blog:
Washington Post Article:

Screen Time Monitoring Apps:
RescueTime – https://www.rescuetime.com/
ScrollStopper – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stop-scrolling-newsfeed-f/nhcbjhbdnlkddnapaoidpkfbjkpkpdcj?hl=en
Freedom – https://freedom.to/
OffTime – https://offtime.app/index.php

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