Episode 12: Eco Eating

Episode 12: Enlighten Me on Eco-Friendly Eating with Rob Meister

Guilt free food. Wouldn’t it be nice? Well, look no further. Salad Meister has everything you need! Salad Meister is one of the nations first eco-friendly, affordable, clean-eating restaurants, and in this episode the owner and founder, Robert Meister, is educating us on each of these relevant topics. To view the full show notes, continue reading here or visit my website: http://www.heartfelthippie.com

Have you ever thought about all the problems that are present when you sit down for a meal? Be it food waste, plastic use, or simply feeling guilty over the food that you’re eating – food can bring a lot of woes, but it doesn’t have to! More and more restaurants like Salad Meister are focusing on being green, and Rob gives us an in-depth explanation as to what that really looks like. Rob has spent twelve years in restaurant management and witnessed a lot of these problems firsthand. He describes a time he remembers feeling guilty after filling up a dumpster with what he knew would be going straight to a landfill. So, he’s making a change. He’s done A LOT of research on how to best do this and has some great advice to offer us.

Rob and I also talk about clean eating, as well as his give back model and how he is fighting for less privileged groups who may not get a chance to eat healthy, all while making sure that his own employees are being treated right. Rob explains some common myths around clean eating and the terms “organic” and “all-natural.” He offers his best advice to us restaurant lovers and grocery shoppers, but also advocates for self education. Time to do your homework!

I love Rob’s honesty in this conversation. Though he is a business man, he is clearly not here to get rich. It is so obvious to me that he is seeking to make the world a better place – we need more entrepreneurs and restaurant owners like him! You’re going to learn a lot in this conversation, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. But, don’t let it overwhelm you. Instead, I hope you feel invited into making an impact. Start small and watch the effects ripple out. You will be amazed at what a difference we can make together, and you will also be amazed at how un-difficult it is to live a clean lifestyle.

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