Episode 1: Water

Episode 1: Enlighten Me on Water Conservation and Contamination with Jess Villie

In this conversation, I interview my friend, Jess, who I call a “water engineer.” Jess studied environmental sustainability and has gone overseas multiple times to work with communities who are in need of clean water. Jess educates me on what it looks like for people around the world to not have access to clean water and why this is such an important topic to be aware of. We talk about the intersecting aspects of water, agriculture, health, education and ultimately poverty. Jess paints a picture of what it is like to live in a place where it is difficult to access water and what it means to only be able to use contaminated water, and some of the stories she shares are truly mind-blowing.

We also cover water conservation on a more local level and talk about why this is such a big need currently. Jess explains exactly what the “global water crisis” is in simple terms that everyone can understand and relates what’s going on in other countries to those of us in the U.S. She talks about the effects of water loss and the detrimental ways that we will be feeling these effects SOON – this is crazy, y’all. We go through some awesome hacks to save water (and money, heyo!) that everyone will love and want to start implementing ASAP.

My favorite part of this episode is all the resources that Jess shares to help us learn more about this topic as well as all the super practical tips that she has for living a more water-conscious life. Most of us know that there are problems with water in our world, but we don’t really understand what is taking place and how we play a role in both the problem and the solution. The way that Jess speaks about water is not just eye opening, but it gets me pumped up and ready to tackle these issues.

Basically, Jess is an awesome person with a lot of knowledge to share. Her sense of care for our planet is so evident, and her passion made this conversation super fun. I learned so much from talking with Jess and loved hearing about some of the things she fan-girling lately, especially her all-time favorite coffee roasters! In case you were frantically trying to scribble down notes, here are links to everything we referenced in our convo:


Links from the show:

The Adventure Project:

Charcoal Soap:

Calculate your water footprint:

United Nations Sustainability Plan:

Water4 organization:

Cape Town water crisis:

Climate change and water conservation: https://nca2014.globalchange.gov/highlights/report-findings/water-supply

Summary of report from Michigan State University:

MSU Report:

Hacks for saving water:

More hacks:

Coffee that Jess is loving:

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